² COME CLEAN - Cleansing Oil For Darker Skin Tones – 4.5.6 Skin

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COME CLEAN - Cleansing Oil For Darker Skin Tones

This smart cleansing oil understands the 'cleansing assignment' for darker skin tones! It's made with the best oils for skin brightening, such as Carrot Oil, Lemon Oil, Lilium Candidum Flower Oil, along with acne-fighting oils of Tea Tree, Sage, and powerful antioxidant; Astaxanthin. These natural oils are combined with nourishing ingredients and gentle emulsifiers that will bind themselves with makeup, gently removing all grime and pollution from your skin, leaving it oxygenated, nourished, and brightened. Benefits- Removes all dirt and grime- Leaves the skin nourished and comfortable- Reduces excess sebum production- Boosts tissue regeneration- Improves the appearance of pigmentation spots

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