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Take our quiz and get a personalized routine that fits you!
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How different lifestyles can have an impact on your skin.

To make your dream complexion goals a little easier to reach, we’ve compiled some of the best skincare hacks in the business for you to try at home!

Interview with our co founder and resident dermatologist Carlos A. Charles, MD

The New York-based, board certified dermatologist has always been keen on helping people of colour with their skincare concerns. “I’ve always had a special interest in taking care of the unique concerns of melanin rich skin. As a medical student I was drawn by the positive impact that I could...

Summer skincare for darker skin tones

It's dress season, hooray! But after months of staying indoors with the heating cranked, our skin can feel dry and dehydrated. So before grabbing your shades and heading to the nearest beach, it's time for a bit of summer skin TLC. We all know the benefits of the sun, but...

Getting to know our co-founders: Imen Jerbi Azaiez

Over the years, we’ve had the pleasure of getting to know our melanin-rich community through your social media comments, product reviews, and skincare queries. But how well do you know us? As a member of this community, we thought it’d be only right to properly introduce ourselves to get better...

Skintone. Google: the inclusive future of AI technology.

At this point, we’re probably all familiar with algorithms thanks to social media, and perhaps even the idea of targeted advertising—but how are they adding to the marginalisation and oppression of POC? Safiya Umoji Noble, associate professor at UCLA, states in her book, Algorithms of Oppression, that her research points to both racist...

Darker skin tones don’t need sunscreen: fact or fiction?

There’s a common debate on the subject of whether women with darker skin should wear sunscreen, or leave it to our naturally built-in UV defence systems to protect against harmful rays. We confer with US-board certified dermatologist Dr. Carlos A. Charles (who is also one of our co-founders) to set...

The science behind the saying; ‘black don’t crack,’ what the melanin-rich skin experts say about ageing.

Following on from our guide to achieving the skin of your dreams, at any age, we’re back with another short narrative on how exactly melanin-rich skin ages, while taking a look behind the infamous expression, ‘black don’t crack.’ Where does it come from, and is it even scientifically factual? We’ve enlisted...

The key to unlocking that lit-from-within glow for darker skin tones.

As women with melanin-rich skin, our complexions can often turn from glowing to dull within a matter of weeks. And while this may be frustrating, we can help bring your glow back. Take a look at our top tips on naturally achieving that lit-from-within glow, and how you can keep...

Skincare myths: Immediate results vs long-term rewards.

In our modern lives, expecting everything immediately; whether that be instant messaging, next-day delivery, or up-to-the-minute broadcasting, it’s no surprise we expect our skincare to do the same. And while some products can show immediate results, that shouldn’t always be the goal. Let’s take a look at immediate skincare results vs long-term...

Let’s transition your melanin-rich skincare routine from winter to spring.

Put away those winter jackets, because spring is finally here! And with a new season, comes a slightly altered approach to our skincare routines. As the days steadily become longer and the warmth of the sun (thankfully) increases, so does the ambient ultraviolet light. While this may be great for...

Can over-exfoliating damage melanin-rich skin?

There’s a fine line between achieving silky-smooth skin, and compromising our skin integrity. But how do we know when we’ve crossed that line before it’s too late? We’re taking a look at how over-exfoliating can damage melanin-rich skin, and when to press pause on exfoliation. 

The wonders of melanin-rich skin renewal!

Did you know that we shed almost 1 million skin cells per day? That may seem like a shocking amount, but actually, as our biggest organ, our skin needs to constantly regenerate and renew in order to keep the rest of our body protected and healthy. Those in the know...

How to achieve your goals and create your own reality; mother, entrepreneur, and WOC, Noelly Michoux, tells us how.

“Imagine a gender-equal world, free of bias, stereotypes, and discrimination. A world that's diverse, equitable, and inclusive. One where difference is both valued and celebrated. Together, we can forge women's equality.” — These are the words at the heart of a movement founded over a century ago, and one which...

Getting the skin of your dreams, at any age.

Caring for our skin can be a challenge; sometimes it demands regular exfoliation or pampering, and other times it’s just begging for a bit more hydration! Whatever the case, every individual is different based on a variety of factors; and age is one of those factors. It’s important to understand...

The beauty of skincare cocktailing for melanin-rich skin.

Do you remember the skincare trend that had us all curating our own routines using potent, single-ingredient products? The freedom, control, and transparency was refreshing to an industry that lacked all of the above, and for the first time, you had complete control over your own skincare ingredients. Although there were many...

Be your skin’s Valentine: Six steps for date-night ready skin.

It’s time to put on those rose-tinted glasses, because Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! While January had us locked in post-Christmas blues, this month we’re ready to finally feel the love again. Whether you’re staying home with a glass of wine for the big night, or heading out...