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Skincare myths: Immediate results vs long-term rewards. - 4.5.6 Skin

Skincare myths: Immediate results vs long-term rewards.

In our modern lives, expecting everything immediately; whether that be instant messaging, next-day delivery, or up-to-the-minute broadcasting, it’s no surprise we expect our skincare to do the same. And while some products can show immediate results, that shouldn’t always be the goal. Let’s take a look at immediate skincare results vs long-term rewards.

Discovering the immediate results of using a skincare routine.

First off, let’s address what immediate results we can achieve—and there can be several. Most commonly, exfoliation can bring about the most drastic transformation to a complexion. With the removal of dead skin cells, sebum, and debris, we can actually see an instant brightening effect, as well as a silky smooth feeling. It can be tempting to over-use exfoliants because of this instant facial, but over-exfoliating can lead to a loss of hydration, skin barrier impairment, and excess oil production. Read more about how to properly exfoliate for your melanin-rich skin here.

Cleansers are another product that offer immediate results, with the obvious removal of makeup being one of the main giveaways. These are but some of the ways our skincare provides us with those immediate results we so crave; but what about the long-term rewards?

The benefits of playing the long-game.

Using the proper skincare routine tailored to your specific skin needs—think phototype, skin type, and key concerns—can lead to the overall improvement of blemishes, acne, luminosity, hydration, and even the fading of hyperpigmentation. Even our daily cleansing routine can combat blocked pores, blackheads, and whiteheads caused by pollution, dirt, and grime. Additionally, regularly using sunscreen can protect the skin from damaging ultraviolet rays, such as skin cancers, as well as the worsening of existing hyperpigmentation.

Understanding the treatment timeline of hyperpigmentation.

We won’t lie—treating hyperpigmentation for darker skin tones can be a painstaking process. But, with patience, consistency, and diligence, nothing’s impossible! There are a few factors at play when approaching the correct treatment, such as the type and depth of hyperpigmentation in question, as well as the inherent pigmentation being treated.

For example, relatively superficial or recent hyperpigmentation, such as acne scarring or eczema, can sometimes resolve on its own in just a short few weeks, without any treatment required. On the other hand, persistent hyperpigmentation that’s remained for several months or more, may need a long-term treatment approach containing a gentle regimen in order to achieve complete resolution.

Here are a couple of things you should remember when treating hyperpigmentation for your melanin-rich skin:

  • Proceed with a cautious, delicate approach with your treatment, as any aggression may lead to irritation, which in turn may worsen any hyperpigmentation, rather than resolve it.
  • Stay consistent with a daily broad-spectrum sunscreen of 30+ to protect your skin against harmful ultraviolet rays, and prevent your hyperpigmentation from worsening.

So there we have it; although we may strive for that instant skin fix, staying diligent with your skincare regimen for the long-term can have even more benefits down the line. Just remember, finding a routine that works for you is the first step to achieving the skin of your dreams. Take our Skin Quiz to find out yours.

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