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Getting the skin of your dreams, at any age. - 4.5.6 Skin

Getting the skin of your dreams, at any age.

Caring for our skin can be a challenge; sometimes it demands regular exfoliation or pampering, and other times it’s just begging for a bit more hydration! Whatever the case, every individual is different based on a variety of factors; and age is one of those factors. It’s important to understand what our skin really needs now, versus when we were teenagers. We’re here to navigate your 40+ skincare journey, and tell you how to achieve the skin of your dreams, at any age.

How does skin change as we age?

As we age, our cells naturally tend to regenerate at a slower rate, leading to a dull complexion that struggles to retain moisture (also known as transepidermal water loss), which can result in sensitive, reactive, dry skin. Our collagen production also slows down, leaving skin unsupported and vulnerable to deeper lines, wrinkles, and overall volume loss. Other environmental and lifestyle factors can accelerate this natural process too, such as pollution, stress, blue light, and unprotected UV rays.

Ingredients to keep skin feeling hydrated, bright, and smooth…

Opt for ingredients that help support the skin’s barrier function by attracting moisture, such as Sodium Hyaluronate, Hyaluronic Acid, and Glycerin. Couple them with barrier-strengthening Ceramides, and your skin will also be protected against harmful environmental aggressors that can lead to premature ageing!

Retinoids are an excellent way to keep skin bright, radiant, and youthful. They work to increase cell turnover rates, helping shed dull, older skin cells and allowing vibrant, younger cells to come to the surface more efficiently. They’re the ‘gold-standard’ for fighting fine lines and wrinkles, as they also promote collagen production, and it’s never too early to incorporate them into your routine.

Another power-house brightening agent is vitamin C, a potent antioxidant that has the ability to neutralise free radicals generated by UV exposure, pollution, and other environmental factors, while minimising unwanted hyperpigmentation by inhibiting melanin production.

Our advice on using Retinol.

Depending on your overall skin reactivity and behaviour, certain brightening agents (such as retinol) may cause irritation. It’s always a good idea to start using retinoids slowly; only applying them once or twice per week for the first several weeks, as your skin acclimatises to them.

Mature melanin-rich skin essentials:

  • Serum
  • Our concentrated Sevenly Delight Brightening Serum actively blocks various key melanin-forming pathways to gently help treat hyperpigmentation that’s developed over a number of years. And with the help of water-attracting humectants, this potent serum also helps to replenish water reservoirs within the skin, resulting in a prolonged youthful glow.

  • Moisturiser
  • Lock in precious hydration with the help of our ultra-nourishing Day Hack Matte Moisturiser, which uses a combination of Hyaluronic Acid and Natural Moisturising Factors to boost moisture levels, along with Niacinamide and Hemp Seed Oil to calm inflammation. This synergy is especially important for mature melanin-rich skin, as inflammation can lead to unwanted hyperpigmentation.

  • Sunscreen
  • Protect against harmful UV rays with a daily application of broad-spectrum SPF, ideally fuelled by Zinc Oxide, antioxidants, and essential vitamins C and E.

    When it comes to caring for your skin, skincare is but one piece of the puzzle. Ensuring that you drink enough water, eat enough nutrients, and soak up enough vitamin D is also equally essential for maintaining a healthy complexion. So remember, consistency and patience is key, and always always stay hydrated (especially in winter!).

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