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Be your skin’s Valentine: Six steps for date-night ready skin. - 4.5.6 Skin

Be your skin’s Valentine: Six steps for date-night ready skin.

It’s time to put on those rose-tinted glasses, because Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! While January had us locked in post-Christmas blues, this month we’re ready to finally feel the love again. Whether you’re staying home with a glass of wine for the big night, or heading out for a whirlwind romance; we have the perfect celebratory skincare routine for you to become your skin’s Valentine.

Before you get started, make sure you drink plenty of water during the week prior, as that’ll help keep your skin smooth and supple from the inside out. Transepidermal water loss is all-too common during the winter months, so maintaining your water reservoirs is essential for your skin cells to look and feel their best. Secondly, ensure that you’ve had enough sleep! Easier said than done (we know), but with adequate sleep comes lower stress hormones, which in turn help with lowering your chances of acne, dehydration, inflammation, and hyperpigmentation—not to mention dark under eye circles! Lastly, get an all-encompassing skincare routine that works for you, one that addresses each and every need that your skin requires. Ideally, one that works in complete synergy.

The All-Star Set that’ll transform your skin.

You’ve been searching for a transformative skincare routine, hand-picking products from a number of brands, only to find that you’re not quite reaching your skincare goals. Sound familiar? When curating a skincare routine using a variety of brands, your skin is missing out on the full-synergy effect that formulators use to create a singular skincare line. Each product within that range compliments the other, all with the intention of giving your skin optimum results. That’s why we love our results-driven All-Star Set, because it offers transformative skincare solutions for every skin type; ideal for getting date-night ready! Here’s what this fabulous 6-step set includes:

Come Clean Cleansing Oil.

With a potent blend of over ten natural oils, natural emulsifiers, and nourishing actives, this concentrated cleansing oil provides long-lasting nourishment, while deeply cleansing pores of makeup, grime, excess oil, and pollution. Rich in antioxidants, fatty acids, and vitamins, Come Clean offers additional tissue oxygenation, along with the ability to fade hyperpigmentation and boost tissue oxygenation. Even better, Come Clean prevents those pesky breakouts by reducing excess sebum production, so that you can enjoy a blemish-free date.

Green Bae Cleansing Gel.

The deepest clean, but with the gentlest touch. This pore-energising gel cleanser uses a clever concoction of cellulose, cucumber extract, and orange water extract to purge pores of all build-up, while rebalancing the skin microbiome. Reducing excess oil production isn’t all that Green Bae does! As a wonderfully soothing relief for acne, this lightweight cleanser uses Green Tea Glycoproteins and Salicylic Acid to help brighten, detoxify, and tone, without leaving your skin screaming for hydration. We don’t call it our ‘bae’ for nothing!

To Be Clear Exfoliant Mask.

Nothing quite says date-night like fresh, smooth, and radiant skin. That’s why we’ll always recommend our iconic 3-minute Exfoliant Mask to remove those dull dead skin cells, and unveil a healthier and brighter complexion. As seen in Vogue, To Be Clear uses the goodness of botanical extracts with regenerative and micro-nutritive properties to reactivate cell turnover, calm inflammation, and reduce pore size. Melanin-rich skin needs to exfoliated around 2-3 times per week to continually boost cell turnover (especially during the colder months), and not with an inflammation-triggering mechanical scrub either. Using a combination of chemical and enzymatic active ingredients, this cell-boosting gem maintains the natural equilibrium of the skin, thanks to Calendula Flower Extract and Modified Pumpkin Enzymes.

Tonic Oh! Treatment Lotion.

Illuminating, calming, and nourishing; that’s what you can expect when using the glow-potion known as Tonic Oh! Treatment Lotion. For the ultimate pre-date complexion, this non-drying toner leaves skin feel highly hydrated, refreshed, and bouncy. Almost like a vitamin shot for the skin after cleansing and/or exfoliating, Tonic Oh! offers a whole host of natural actives and active juices to regulate acne, neutralise impurities, and refine skin texture, while increasing skin barrier resilience and skin micro-nutrition. Not only that, but this refreshing lotion also allows other active ingredients to fully absorb into the skin, even after you’ve fully massaged it in for full absorption.

Sevenly Delight Brightening Serum.

Our best-selling concentrated serum packs a punch with the strength of seven gentle, yet very powerful, brightening active ingredients to put hyperpigmentation straight into fade-mode. Sevenly Delight tackles these dark spots by targeting several melanin pathways, helping to diminish acne scarring, melasma, dark spots, and sun spots, while also preventing any future hyperpigmentation. As a seven-fold plan for all-star skin, expect your skin to be revitalized and brightened in time for date-night!

Day Hack Matte Moisturiser.

The ultimate hack for achieving a perfectly hydrated complexion, without stickiness or slip. In fact, our Day Hack bridges the gap between delivering an instant hit of long-lasting moisture, with the optimum matte base for makeup. It’s a win-win! Balanced with biologically restorative ingredients, this brilliantly soothing moisturiser helps to shield the skin from outside aggressors, while maximising hydration. What more could you need?

Beautiful skin isn’t just for date-night, it’s for life.

Although we all love to get our skin event-ready for those special occasions, great skin isn’t just for those select moments. We believe that healthy skin every day of the week is perhaps even more important, so that we can feel that sense of pride and confidence, no matter the occasion. Stick to a routine that works in synergy together, one that is tailored to your individual needs, and contains ingredients that are nothing but beneficial. Here’s the time for some self-love, happy Valentine’s!

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