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The 4-Step Acne Set

£139.00 £190.00

The ultimate 4 step routine to eliminate zits and pimples: buildup buster cleansing gel + dead skin slaying exfoliant mask + best selling treatment lotion + popular brightening serum


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Dark brown to black skin. Black hair. Dark brown or black eyes. Always tans darkly.
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GREEN BAE - Cleansing Gel: This gel cleans your skin, purges it of all buildup, tones and then rebalances your skin microbiome without leaving your skin dry and screaming for hydration. We don’t call it our bae for nothing.
3.03 fl.oz. | 100 ml


TO BE CLEAR - Exfoliant Mask: This cell-boosting gem is packed with the goodness of plants extracts that have regenerative and micro-nutritive powers to help buff away dead cell, reactivate cell turnover, calm inflammation and brighten skin. Without ever over-exfoliating!
1.69 fl.oz. | 50 ml


TONIC OH! - Treatment Lotion: Tonic Oh! is like magic in a bottle. It gives you an instant glow and puts the bounce back into dehydrated, dull looking skin. It tones without using drying astringents and refreshes your skin like a tall glass of something chilled on a hot summer day. Cheers!
2.7 fl.oz. | 80 ml


SEVENLY DELIGHT - Brightening Concentrated Serum: This concentrated serum packs in the strength of 7 gentle yet powerful actives to brighten your skin and fade dark spots.
1.01 fl.oz. | 30 ml

GREEN BAE - Cleansing Gel
Mantra: Deep clean with the gentlest touch.
Immediate benefits: Detoxes. De-zits. Refines.
What to expect over time: Reduction in excess sebum production, balanced skin microbiome, relief for acne.


TO BE CLEAR - Exfoliant Mask
Mantra: Over-exfoliation stops here.
Immediate benefits: Smoothes. Remineralises. Reduces pores.
What to expect over time: Refined skin texture, brightened skin, even skin tone.


TONIC OH! - Treatment Lotion
Mantra: A vitamin shot for the skin.
Immediate benefits: Illuminates. Calms. Nourishes.
What to expect over time: Even skin tone, stronger skin barrier, increase in skin micro-nutrition levels.


SEVENLY DELIGHT - Brightening Concentrated Serum
Mantra: Seven fold plan to all star skin.
Immediate benefits: Revitalise. Brighten.
What to expect over time: Brightened skin, improved appearance of pigmentation spots and acne scars.

GREEN BAE - Cleansing Gel

Power ingredients:
Vitalised water, Cucumber extract, Salicylic acid, Cannabis oil, Allantoin, Almond oil, Propolis extract, Orange blossom water, Tea tree oil.

Free of:
Prejudice, Sulfate detergents (SLS, SLES), Mineral oils, Silicones, Plastic powders, Parabens, DEA, TEA, Phthalates, Allergens.


TO BE CLEAR - Exfoliant Mask

Power ingredients:
Vitalised Water, Glycolic acid, Salicylic acid, Green tea glycoproteins, Rose clay, Rice bran wax, Lactobacillus pumpkin fruit ferment, Papaya seed oil, Oat oil, Rosa mosqueta seed oil, Shea butter, Coconut oil, Spirulina, Propolis extract, Allantoin.

Free of:
Prejudice, Silicone, Plastic microbeads, Mineral oils, Parabens, Phthalates, Allergen.


TONIC OH! - Treatment Lotion

Power ingredients:
Vitalised water, Acerola extract (rich with natural vitamin C), Sodium Hyaluronate, Salicylic acid, Panthenol (provitamin B5), Vitamin E, Lactobacillus/Rye Flour ferment filtrate, Active juice detox (mix of ginger, lemon and orange juice), Distilled rose water, Distilled Mint water, Hydrolyzed rhizobian gum, Alpinum flower leaf extract, Honey extract, Barbary fig flower extract, Devil’s claw extract.

Free of:
Prejudice, Silicones, Sulfate detergents, Mineral oils, Parabens, DEA, TEA, Phthalates.

SEVENLY DELIGHT - Brightening Concentrated Serum

Power ingredients:
Glutathione, Cysteine, Alpha arbutin, Acerola extract rich with natural vitamin C complex, Vitamin B3 and Vitamin B6, Azelaic acid, Distilled geranium water, Palmaria Palmata extract, Balanites roxburghii extract (nourishing fatty acids), Hydrolyzed thapsus flower, Vitamin E, Propolis extract.

Free of:
Prejudice, Silicones, Mineral oils, Parabens, DEA, TEA, Phthalates, Allergens.

GREEN BAE - Cleansing Gel
Apply a dime-sized amount over wet face and neck. Massage for 20 seconds.
Rinse thoroughly and pat dry.
If you want to remove heavy makeup, we recommend using our cleansing oil before using this gel.
Can be used daily. AM, PM.


TO BE CLEAR - Exfoliant Mask
Apply to clean, moist skin. Massage until you feel all the goodness seeping in.
Leave on for 3 minutes.
Rinse off with lukewarm water.
We recommend starting with 2-3 times a week and working your way up if you need more exfoliation. Reduce use to once a week, once you have reached the desired results.


TONIC OH! - Treatment Lotion
Apply after cleansing/exfoliation and massage until all the actives have been fully absorbed.
That slightly sticky feeling you get? That’s all the actives doing their work to get you a glowy, toned skin. Now, sit back and enjoy the glow.
Can be used any time of the day.


SEVENLY DELIGHT - Brightening Concentrated Serum
Apply 2-3 pumps of the serum to clean skin.
Massage until completely absorbed. Salicylic acid may give a peeling effect. If this occurs, keep massaging your face until all the dead skin has peeled off. Now enjoy the softness!
To be used daily, PM. If used in the AM, use sun protection or avoid sun exposure.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Phototype: Phototype V (Brown skin. Dark brown to black hair. Dark brown or green eyes. Tans darkly easily)
Skin concern: Hyperpigmentation, Bumps Under Skin, Inflammation, Acne
Skin Type: Combination
Age: 25 to 39
Green bae delight

I am about a month into my new my skincare routine and really enjoying it so far. The cleanser is my absolute fave, it smells delightful and my skin feels incredible after use.

Itumeleng Magampa
Phototype: Phototype IV (Olive to light brown skin. Light brown to brown hair. Brown or green eyes. Tans easily)
Skin concern: Hyperpigmentation, Melasma, Dark Spots
Skin Type: Combination
Age: 25 to 39

The 4-Step Acne Set

Inayah Inan
Phototype: Phototype V (Brown skin. Dark brown to black hair. Dark brown or green eyes. Tans darkly easily)
Skin concern: Hyperpigmentation, Bumps Under Skin, Dull Skin, Uneven Skin
Skin Type: Dry
Age: 18 to 24
Saved my skin

The cleaner, mask and hydra- serum saves my skin! I had regular breakouts, hormonal acne and blemishes and this trio of products has purged my skin and re- balanced it - my skin hasn’t felt and looked so great in the past year and a half

Farhana Begum
Phototype: Phototype V (Brown skin. Dark brown to black hair. Dark brown or green eyes. Tans darkly easily)
Skin concern: Dark Spots, Dark Circle Under Eyes, Uneven Skin
Skin Type: Combination
Age: 25 to 39
Still waiting to see a difference

Have been using the products religiously over two and half months and I am yet to see any difference at all.

Lisa Steele
Phototype: Phototype V (Brown skin. Dark brown to black hair. Dark brown or green eyes. Tans darkly easily)
Skin concern: Hyperpigmentation, Dark Spots, Dark Circle Under Eyes, Dull Skin
Skin Type: Combination
Age: 40 to 60
My recommended 4 step acne set

I happened to see this product line, on an influencers page who is based in the USA, I was shocked to learn we had such a product right here in the UK, something for us black women, finally. I quickly searched IG and found them, did the questionnaire and someone was in touch with me, within the 24 hour period. I sent a pic of my face for them to see my skin & listed my concerns, my assistant Liza, sent me a full list of products & description of its purpose.
At the time I wasn’t able to but right away, however they had a sale soon after and I seized the opportunity, I was so excited when they arrived that I used them all right away.
The first couple times I used the seventy delight, my skin felt dry afterwards. I reached out to 456 online and they made a suggestion to get linseed oil, I didn’t get that but I had a facial oil at home which I used a couple times with the product and that worked well, until my skin was nourished enough from the 456 products. I no longer need this additional oil.
It’s been a little over a month, and here’s what I’ve noticed:
-My skin appears more even toned
-The black spots on either side of my cheeks have faded a lot
-My skin appears brighter(looked dull before use)
-The under eye dark circles haven’t changed really but they did say after 2months of continuous use, I will see those changes.
-I haven’t had any bumps, pimples even around my cycle time, as I would before get the occasional few.
I also loved the solid glass bottles the products came in.

Overall I am pleased and satisfied with the direction my facial skin care regime is heading.
And I am super proud it’s all down to a black targeted skin care brand!!!
I would say to any black woman, give it a try, it’s worth the money!

Custom made for you

All our products are made to order by our team of skin experts in our own lab based in the French Cosmetics Valley.

Optimal freshness

Fresher ingredients make higher performing products. We source sustainable ingredients in smaller batches that are re-tested for purity. Every formula is made-to-order and delivered fresh. 

The 4-Step Acne Set

£139.00 £190.00


  • When will I receive my products?

    On average your products will be with you within 5 to 7 days. All our products are made-to-order in our lab in France. Depending on the demand, your order will be prepared within 48h and delivered to you by our preferred carriers. You'll receive a confirmation email with tracking information as soon as your products ship.

  • Are 4.5.6 products natural?

    Our products are made with over 90% of natural ingredients. We use a combination of natural, organic, vegan, science backed and prejudice free lab-made ingredients to create the most efficient products. We carefully select biodynamic ingredients that are not compromised during their extraction, fabrication or conservation process.

  • How long will my 4.5.6 products last?

    Because our products are freshly made-to-order, we have a recommended 6-month period of use from the date of manufacture. Our advanced conservation system is made to preserve the formula for a 12 month-period but in all transparency, using your formula within 6 month of the purchase period is best to ensure you benefit from the freshness of our high quality active ingredients and get the full performance of your products.


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