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The 3 step Pigmentation Set - The Ultimate Hyperpigmentation Set For Darker Skin Tones

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Three products to get rid of the hyper bit in hyperpigmentation: buildup buster cleansing gel + dead skin slaying exfoliant mask + popular brightening serum

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Olive to light brown skin. Light brown to brown hair. Brown or green eyes. Tans easily.
Brown skin. Dark brown to black hair. Dark brown or green eyes. Tans darkly easily.
Dark brown to black skin. Black hair. Dark brown or black eyes. Always tans darkly.
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GREEN BAE - Cleansing Gel: This gel cleans your skin, purges it of all buildup, tones and then rebalances your skin microbiome without leaving your skin dry and screaming for hydration. We don’t call it our bae for nothing.
3.03 fl.oz. | 100 ml


TO BE CLEAR - Exfoliant Mask: This cell-boosting gem is packed with the goodness of plants extracts that have regenerative and micro-nutritive powers to help buff away dead cell, reactivate cell turnover, calm inflammation and brighten skin. Without ever over-exfoliating!
1.69 fl.oz. | 50 ml


SEVENLY DELIGHT - Brightening Concentrated Serum: This concentrated serum packs in the strength of 7 gentle yet powerful actives to brighten your skin and fade dark spots.
1.01 fl.oz. | 30 ml

GREEN BAE - Cleansing Gel
Mantra: Deep clean with the gentlest touch.
Immediate benefits: Detoxes. De-zits. Refines.
What to expect over time: Reduction in excess sebum production, balanced skin microbiome, relief for acne.


TO BE CLEAR - Exfoliant Mask
Mantra: Over-exfoliation stops here.
Immediate benefits: Smoothes. Remineralises. Reduces pores.
What to expect over time: Refined skin texture, brightened skin, even skin tone.


SEVENLY DELIGHT - Brightening Concentrated Serum
Mantra: Seven fold plan to all star skin.
Immediate benefits: Revitalise. Brighten.
What to expect over time: Brightened skin, improved appearance of pigmentation spots and acne scars.

GREEN BAE - Cleansing Gel

Power ingredients:
Vitalised water, Cucumber extract, Salicylic acid, Cannabis oil, Allantoin, Almond oil, Propolis extract, Orange blossom water, Tea tree oil.

Free of:
Prejudice, Sulfate detergents (SLS, SLES), Mineral oils, Silicones, Plastic powders, Parabens, DEA, TEA, Phthalates, Allergens.


TO BE CLEAR - Exfoliant Mask

Power ingredients:
Vitalised Water, Glycolic acid, Salicylic acid, Green tea glycoproteins, Rose clay, Rice bran wax, Lactobacillus pumpkin fruit ferment, Papaya seed oil, Oat oil, Rosa mosqueta seed oil, Shea butter, Coconut oil, Spirulina, Propolis extract, Allantoin.

Free of:
Prejudice, Silicone, Plastic microbeads, Mineral oils, Parabens, Phthalates, Allergen.


SEVENLY DELIGHT - Brightening Concentrated Serum

Power ingredients:
Glutathione, Cysteine, Alpha arbutin, Acerola extract rich with natural vitamin C complex, Vitamin B3 and Vitamin B6, Azelaic acid, Distilled geranium water, Palmaria Palmata extract, Balanites roxburghii extract (nourishing fatty acids), Hydrolyzed thapsus flower, Vitamin E, Propolis extract.

Free of:
Prejudice, Silicones, Mineral oils, Parabens, DEA, TEA, Phthalates, Allergens.

GREEN BAE - Cleansing Gel
Apply a dime-sized amount over wet face and neck. Massage for 20 seconds.
Rinse thoroughly and pat dry.
If you want to remove heavy makeup, we recommend using our cleansing oil before using this gel.
Can be used daily. AM, PM.


TO BE CLEAR - Exfoliant Mask
Apply to clean, moist skin. Massage until you feel all the goodness seeping in.
Leave on for 3 minutes.
Rinse off with lukewarm water.
We recommend starting with 2-3 times a week and working your way up if you need more exfoliation. Reduce use to once a week, once you have reached the desired results.


SEVENLY DELIGHT - Brightening Concentrated Serum
Apply 2-3 pumps of the serum to clean skin.
Massage until completely absorbed. Salicylic acid may give a peeling effect. If this occurs, keep massaging your face until all the dead skin has peeled off. Now enjoy the softness!
To be used daily, PM. If used in the AM, use sun protection or avoid sun exposure.

Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Shashank ranjan
Phototype: Phototype V (Brown skin. Dark brown to black hair. Dark brown or green eyes. Tans darkly easily)
Skin concern: Hyperpigmentation, Fine Lines, Uneven Skin
Skin Type: Combination
Age: 40 to 60

This routine treatment has surely helped in toning my skin. It has also lighten dead dark spot improve on texture
Only thing this 3 step misses in hydration and proper moisturizer

HI Shashank,

Thanks a lot for taking the time to leave a review, indeed the Set you purchased do not contain a moisturiser cream. You can add to your routine any cream you have, feel free to share it with us if you want any expertise on it. Or I can recommend you our Day Hack cream that will help you to get the optimal balance between matification and hydration.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


4.5.6 Skin Team

Danica March
Phototype: Phototype V (Brown skin. Dark brown to black hair. Dark brown or green eyes. Tans darkly easily)
Skin concern: Hyperpigmentation, Melasma, Acne Scars
Skin Type: Oily
Age: 25 to 39
No improvement so far

The products smell nice and feel nice on my skin. It’s only been 4 weeks so I’m not expecting a miracle but there’s no visual improvement yet. Also, I’m not impressed with the packaging - the pump for the serum is making product fly across the room instead of on my hand and the bottle is still half full so that’s quite annoying. Also the label on the cleanser isn’t water resistant and is peeling off so I have to rinse my hand after picking up the bottle in order to cleanse my face. I’m also not sure I picked the correct prototype to begin with as I’ve seen conflicting images so I may change my formula for my next serum.

Hi Danica,

Thank you for taking the time to leave your feedback.

Indeed, depending on your skin situation, first noticeable results should be seen within 8 weeks.
Please feel free to share a bare face picture with us and how you are currently doing your skin routine - as part of mission, we will be happy to assist you on that journey. We will also be able to confirm which phototype you are.

Regarding your comments about the label, I shared your feedback to the product team.

Finally, Sorry to heard your pump is potentially faulty. We will be happy to send you a new pump for your serum. Can you please confirm your details at

In the meantime we wish you a lovely day.

4.5.6 Team

Fouzia Nasreen
Phototype: Phototype IV (Olive to light brown skin. Light brown to brown hair. Brown or green eyes. Tans easily)
Skin concern: Hyperpigmentation, Melasma, Dark Spots, Sun Spots, Dark Circle Under Eyes, Dull Skin
Skin type: Dry
Age: 40 - 60

Didn't notice the benefit as previous !

Hi Fouzia,

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. Our formulas did not change between your two orders - we will be happy to offer you a free consultation to understand better your skin needs and routine. Please email us at

In the meantime, we wish you a lovely day.

4.5.6 Team

Nandi Williams
Phototype: Phototype VI (Dark brown to black skin. Black hair. Dark brown or black eyes. Always tans darkly)
Skin concern: Hyperpigmentation, Dark Circle Under Eyes, Enlarged Pores
Skin Type: Balanced
Age: 40 to 60

The 3 step Pigmentation Set - The Ultimate Hyperpigmentation Set For Darker Skin Tones

Laurence Umutoni
Phototype: Phototype VI (Dark brown to black skin. Black hair. Dark brown or black eyes. Always tans darkly)
Skin concern: Hyperpigmentation, Dark Spots, Uneven Skin
Skin Type: Dry
Age: 18 to 24

The 3 step Pigmentation Set - The Ultimate Hyperpigmentation Set For Darker Skin Tones

Custom made for you

All our products are made to order by our team of skin experts in our own lab based in the French Cosmetics Valley.

Optimal freshness

Fresher ingredients make higher performing products. We source sustainable ingredients in smaller batches that are re-tested for purity. Every formula is made-to-order and delivered fresh. 

The 3 step Pigmentation Set - The Ultimate Hyperpigmentation Set For Darker Skin Tones

£112.00 £142.00



    4.5.6 is cruelty free and made with a combination of biodynamic, natural, organic ingredients and lab-made ingredients that have proven to boost formulas efficacy with no prejudice to the skin. All our formulations are free of:Bleaching agents, All sulfates,Denature alcohol, Mineral oils, Micro plastics, micro beads, carbomers, Silicones, Parabens, Phenoxyethanol , Triclosan or anything ingredients that harms or is suspected to cause harm to your melanin rich skin or your health.


    Our products are researched, developed, manufactured and customised in our proprietary laboratory located in the heart of the French Cosmetic valley.


    With the exception of our To Be clear exfoliating-Mask that should be use 2-3 times/ week, all our products can be used in the AM and the PM everyday. Please refer to the use of products laid out in the leaflet added to your package.


    How fast you see your results will depend on the state of your skin and your consistency with your routine. Most people however see a drastic change in skin texture smoothness and brightness within days. Our products will reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation within 4 to 8 weeks depending on how old the marks are. The longer you use our brightening products the more you’ll even out your skin and stabilise excess melanin production.


    Yes! We made sure our formulas were safe to use at all stages of women's lives.


    Yes! 4.5.6 Skin is a first-of-its-kind premium skincare company that harnesses melanin-driven skincare science and technology to create fresh, personalized skincare for skin phototype IV, V and VI AKA melanin-rich skin men and women. Shipping and returns


    4.5.6 Skin products are shipped to the UK, EU, US, Canada and internationally. Please read about your shipping costs below.


    Shipping costs are as follows:
    -UK: Free shipping all on orders over 50£ and a 8.99£ flat rate charged below 50£- International: A flat rate of 20£ is applied on all international orders


    We process and ship orders Monday through Friday, with the Exception of UK holidays.Because all our products are freshly made-to-order, orders are typically customized within 48 hours following your order. Once your order is shipped from our lab in France, you will receive a shipping confirmation email with DHL tracking information. Your order will then be delivered within 3 to 5 business days via DHL.


    Most orders shipping to the UK are not impacted by Brexit. However, there may be shipping delays due to Brexit and processing time at the border. If you do not receive your order by 7 business days after placing your order, please contact our customer service at


    No. Duties and taxes are covered by us. If you receive a request to pay duties, please email us the invoice with your name and order number at and we will settle it for you.


    4.5.6 Skin products are refundable within 30 days of the date that your product is delivered. Please email us at to initiate a no questions asked return. If your order arrives incorrect or damaged, please contact for a one-time reformulation free of charge. To receive a full refund, please ship back your order to the address below. As soon as we receive your order back to the lab, we will initiate a full refund.


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